Quality & Guarantee

Quality control of our systems is based on ISO 9002. Every Shaft Engineering pulley is precision manufactured to the highest standards.  Strict quality control checks are carried out at every stage of manufacturing.

DTI Rating

Making Pulleys that Last

Shaft Engineering offers high endurance fixed-angle restraint turbine end disc pulleys. The diaphragms are secured to the shafts with the highest quality shaft to hub locking elements. These fractional locking elements allow a shaft deflection of 1/2000.


As proof of our confidence in the quality pulleys we provide, we are happy to provide our clients with an unconditional 2 years guarantee on every Shaft Engineering pulley. No conveyancing conditions are too tough for Shaft Engineering conveyor pulleys as proven by over 20 years of successful application to be the ultimate in low cost, long life conveyor pulleys.


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